Refund handling general guide

  • Unify downloads the refunds along with orders and display under Sales >> Refunds tab. This tab only appears in following conditions:

- If your Unify is connected to Shopify store. *Soon will be available for other shopping platforms.

- If your accounting platform is QBO or QBD. *Soon will be available for Xero integration.

  • Refunds can be synced just like sales to QBO and QBD. Following respective transactions will be created when you sync.

- QBO (Refund Receipt or Credit memo)
- QBD (Credit Memo)

  • Each Refund has the respective Order ID associated and details can be viewed under order details.

  • To sync refunds to your accounting system you must first configure the refund Syncing settings. Learn "how to configure sync settings to sync refunds?".
  • You must ensure to sync respective sales in Accounting system before you sync refunds. You would be prompted to do so while syncing refunds and if the respective sale isn't been synced yet.


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