Configure Automation

Unify's automation features save you time and effort by automatically downloading and syncing orders your accounting platform for you. It will also send you an email notification email every time automation has completed its run!

Few things to note before you configure the Automation:

  • Automation service will be available based on your plan. Refer our pricing page for plan wise details.
  • Any user who has added a store before 11/22/2016 will need to configure Auto-download and Auto-syncing manually. Whereas the user adding a store post this date would have Auto-download configured by default in backend and would need the configure syncing only.
  • If you have multiple stores you may choose to configure automation settings for all of your stores at once or configure them seperately for each store.
  • Auto-download would happen based on the Order settings you have configured under Connections area for each store and may happen Nightly or hourly based on your plan and settings.
  • While configuring Auto-sync you must ensure to configure/select the status that you would want Unify to consider while syncing. For example, you can only choose to auto-sync "Shipped" orders and leave the orders of other statuses.
  • Orders will be synced based on the syncing settings configured under Settings >> Sync Sales area.
  • The Automation summary would only be notified to you via email if you have configured the Email Notification settings under Automation.
  • If there are orders that had an error while syncing through Automation, you must log into your Unify account and fix the error. Also, ensure to refresh Orders that had an error to bring them back to Unsynced status. Only Unsynced orders are considered for Auto-sync.
  • If you are using consolidation, then Auto-sync will be default activated. Consolidation only works through Automation.

Follow below steps to configure the settings:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Syncing Data under Automation section
  • Select the checkbox for Sync orders automatically
  • Now configure the status that you want to consider for Auto-syncing
  • Click on Save once done.


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