Create Products In Accounting

If you need a way to create or transfer the products that are in your online channels into QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop or Xero, Unify can do can do this in the following ways: 


Method 1.  Create product while syncing orders to the accounting system

Unify can determine if items in an order are missing from the accounting system by utilizing the matching criteria in the item matching settings.  

When items are not matched/found, Unify and be setup to create products(Inventory/Non-inventory) in Accounting while syncing orders.


  • QuickBooks Online Plus is the only online edition that enables inventory tracking.  If you’re using Essentials or Simple Start, you must upgrade your QuickBooks Online to Plus plan.
  • You must ensure you have configured Track Quantity on hand settings in your respective QBO, before you set Unify to create an Inventory item (Refer "How to enable Track Quantity on hand in QBO?" section in article below).

Here are the steps to set Unify to create Products in the accounting system:

  • Go to Connections
  • Under respective sync settings, go to Product settings
  • Select Create new option under If product is not found, then:
  • Select the check box Track Inventory, if you wish to create an Inventory item in your QB
  • Configure Respective accounts and other settings and click on Done to save the settings.

How to enable "Track Quantity on hand" in QBO?

  • Login to QuickBooks Online and go to Account and settings:

  • Click on Sales, and select checkbox Track inventory Quantity on hand, under Products and Services area.

  • Click on Save and Done.

B. Create Product from Inventory >> Stores tab

This is an another way of creating all your products in Accounting, besides creating them along with Order posting. This enables you to create all missing products directly from Items >> Sales channel tab to your accounting system.

Before you begin creating product through this method, you must ensure to configure the setting on how you would like the product to be created in your accounting system. Follow steps below to configure the settings:

  • Go to Settings >> Sync Inventory >> Two way sync
  • Select if you want to create Inventory or Non-inventory products
  • Configure all remaining settings and click on Save

Note: Create Inventory product is not supported for Xero

Now follow below steps to create products in your Accounting system:

  • Go to Inventory >> Sales Channel tab
  • Select a product, which is Missing in QB *you may also use filter by option on top to see all missing products.

  • Select Create from the action drop down and click on Confirm


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