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Sync Sales >> Sales Tax Settings

This is the last step of Sync Sales Settings. It is here that you decide how would like the taxes charged in the online store to be recorded into QuickBooks online. 

Use the same settings for all channels?
If you have multiple stores, you can choose the option Yes to configure one settings for all the stores or choose No to configure settings for each stores differently.
To begin recording taxes charged in the online store into QuickBooks online, select the checkbox for Record taxes from online store in QuickBooks.

Under this option, Unify will ask you to Select a Sales tax item which you can select from the drop-down. If nothing appears in the Sales tax item field, or if your choice of sales tax item is not there in the list, tax items may need to be created in QuickBooks Online. 

Here is how to create a Sales Tax item in QB and bring it over in Unify:

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