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Connecting ShippingEasy as a Sales Channel to sync Sales and Shipping fees In Accounting

Note: When you add ShippingEasy as a Sales channel, this would also add ShippingEasy under shipping area to download shipping fees.

To add ShippingEasy as a Sales channel follow the steps below:

Step 1: If you're new to Unify and have not connected any stores, go to Step 2. If you are adding additional stores go to your Connections Tab, in the Stores section click Add a Store.

Step 2: Select ShippingEasy and click on Continue 

Step 3: on the next step enter below details:

  • API Key
  • API secret 

If you don't know these details, follow below instructions.

How to retrieve ShippingEasy credentials: 

  • Login to your ShippingEasy admin and go to Settings.

  • Go to Settings on the top menu bar

  • Under Account Settings click on API Credentials

  • Now you would find the API Key and API secrete. Copy the details and put it in Unify

Step 4: Enter the details and click on Connect.

Once Successfully connected, Unify will begin downloading Orders and Shipments from your shippingEasy account and display in respective tabs on left navigation bar.


  • By default last 30 days and orders of all Status will be downloaded. If you wish to download older orders of all statues, you must adjust the settings in Connections area.
  • You may see orders of more status in your ShippingEasy account, however ShippingEasy API provides Orders of only these four statuses: Shipped, Cleared, Ready for Shipment, Drop shipped

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