How Unify For SkuBana Works

SkuBana is a software that connects to online channels to allow merchants to manage their Inventory.  

With this integration, Unify enables a SkuBana customer to add SkuBana as a Sales channel, download Sales, Inventory and Purchase orders and sync them in Accounting.

Limitation: Purchase Orders are only downloaded and displayed if your Unify is connected to QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: If you sell on a channel that is not among the Integrated list of Skubana, No worries! you could still add those channels in Unify. Here is a list of Unify Integrations.

This Integration allows you to do following: 

  • Add SkuBana as a Sales Channel to download Sales, Inventory and Purchase Orders(PO) from each respective channels.
  • Sync Sales, Inventory and Purchase Orders(PO) to accounting
  • Create Sales Receipt/Invoice for Orders
  • Create Purchase order for  Purchase Orders(In QBD only for Advance/Plus plan users)
  • Configure Sync settings to Create transactions(Sales Receipt or Invoice) by Payment method, Order status or Sales Channel in Accounting.
  • Configure Daily Automation to automate your Order download and sync.
  • Consolidate transactions(Sales Receipt or Invoice). Sync Orders of a Day in a Single transaction in Accounting. Note: This wouldn't work if you have configured rule based syncing.

Supported accounting systems: 

  • QuickBooks Online (US versions)
  • QuickBooks Desktop (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) - US and international editions
  • Xero


  • Product price and Quantity can only be updated from Store to Accounting software. Note: Inventory residing in SkuBana is considered as master inventory and thus is not updated back to store.
  • Inventory sync isn't supported in Xero
  • If a Product is listed in multiple warehouses, would be displayed warehouse wise in Unify on Items >> Sales channel tab.
  • If there is a product not listed on any warehouse, the channel for Product will display as No warehouse.
  • Multi-Channel Inventory sync isn’t supported.
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