How To Map Store Items With Items In Accounting

You will need to map products if Unify fails to find a similarity between a product in the online store and a product in your accounting software. This frequently happens if the item has a different naming convention, added hyphens, dots, commas and so on and so forth. Mapping would mean that you are manually telling Unify that Item 123 in the online store is the same as Item ABC in your accounting software. Establishing such relation between Store and Accounting system should help you sync orders/sales correctly and keep the price and quantity of such products in sync.

You can choose to map products by following ways:

A. Map product while syncing Orders

To configure mapping at the time of order syncing, you must first set this rule under your sync settings

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Item settings under Sync Sales area
  • Select Map products option under If product is not found, then:
  • Click on save once done

  • Now when you sync an order of which product could not be found in Accounting, a pop-up will be displayed having list of existing Accounting products to map with. Note: If you do not see the product in drop down list here, you must hit the refresh icon on the pop-up window.

B. Map products under Items area

Not only while syncing orders, but you can also keep your missing products 

  • Go to Items >> Sales Channel tab
  • To know which store products requires mapping, you must refer to Item status column. When the status is Missing in QuickBooks, such items requires mapping. If you do not want to map, you can choose to create products through Unify.
  • To continue mapping, select the missing products, select the MAP option from the action drop-down and click on Confirm.

  • On the pop-up select the Accounting product that you want to map with and click on Map products button. Note: If you do not see the product in drop down list here, you must hit the refresh icon on the pop-up window.

  • Once mapped, such products can be viewed under Inventory >> Mapped tab with respective mappings. Want to delete mapping?
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