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Sync Sales >> Customer Matching Settings

In the Customers tab of the Sync Settings, you can configure how customers are recorded in Accounting system when the order is synced. Here we are taking an example of QuickBooks Online.

You can set how you want to match/identify your existing store customers with QuickBooks Online. If a customer not found, you can either create a new customer or use standard from QuickBooks Online customer list, while recording a transaction.

Note: Customers are only created in QuickBooks Online when an order is synced.

Here are the settings:

Use the same settings for all channels?

If you have multiples stores, you can configure the settings for one and copy to all other remaining stores. Select the option Yes if you wish to copy.

Configure Customer matching

Now first you need to determine on what criteria Unify must recognize your products between store and QuickBooks while syncing an order.

Update customer addresses from new orders:

You can also Update the Customer Address. Once you select the Update Customer Address, further rules will be displayed to configure, whether the user would like the Billing, Shipping or both addresses to be updated in QuickBooks Online and in online store.

Following are the options for updating the Customer Information :

Billing Address – with – Billing Address.
Shipping Address – with – Shipping Address.
Billing and Shipping address - with - Billing and Shipping address
Unify is able to update customer addresses as per the rules/settings configured while posting an Order in QuickBooks Online.

If you come across errors while updating the address, it will be displayed under Order’s History tab.

If customer is NOT found, then:

If a customer is not found in QuickBooks Online, when an order is synced there are two options available.

  • Either you can create a new customer based on the matching criteria. OR
  • You can use a standard customer and all the orders of which customers are not found in QuickBooks Online, will be recorded under the standard customer selected in settings here.

If customer details are Not found, then use this default customer

If customer details aren't available within the online store, you can use a standard customer within QuickBooks Online. Standard customer and it's details will be used in QuickBooks Online.



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