Sync Expenses >> Marketplace Fees Settings For eBay

Expenses from eBay are downloaded as Settlement reports and Synced separately as Bill(paid/unpaid) from the online Order.

Downloaded settlements reports can be viewed and synced to Accounting under Expenses >> Payments area on the left Nav

Note: The reports and settings only appears if Amazon is connected as a Sales channel and reports are downloaded in Unify. Reports can be synced to(QBO and QBD) as Bill paid/unpaid. Xero is not supported.

The setup of expenses has three areas: Bill Details, Expense Details, Refund Reimbursal and Bill Payment Details (if marked as paid).

Bill details:

These are the details used to create the bill in QuickBooks.
Vendor: The entity that issues the bill
Bill date: Date on the bill. Various selections are available
Terms: Due on Receipt, Net 15/30/60

Expense Details:

The expense details tab requires you to choose an account from the drop-down, for the recording of expenses. You can also choose a class (if any) as well as a description.

Refund Reimbursal:

Select a Sales account a Class and Description.

Bill Payment Details:

In this area you can configure the settings if you wish to mark a Bill paid.

Payment Method: type of account paid bill will be posted to
Account: name of account
Payment date: various options for paid bill date

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  • Avatar
    Joel Braun

    If this is for ebay settings, why do you explain it as Amazon?

  • Avatar
    Allegra Mitchell

    This article is specifically for the eBay setup of expenses and fees. Thanks for asking.

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