Connecting Shipstation as a Sales Channel To Sync Sales in Accounting

Note: When you add Shipstation as a Sales channel, this would also add Shipstation under shipping area to download shipping fees.

To add Shipstation as a Sales channel follow the steps below:

Step 1: If you're new to Unify and have not connected any stores, go to Step 2. If you are adding additional stores go to your Connections Tab, in the Stores section click Add a Store.

Step 2: Select Shipstation and click on Continue 

Step 3: on the next step enter below details:

  • email Address
  • API Key
  • API secret 

If you don't know these details, click on Where do i get this? link or follow below instructions.

How to retrieve Shipstation credentials: 

  • Login to your Shipstation admin and go to account settings.
  • Under Account area click on API settings to get API Key and API Secret. If you don't see them here, click on generate.

Step 4: Enter the details and click on Connect.

Once Successfully connected, Unify will begin downloading Orders and Shipments from your shipatation account and display in respective tabs on left navigation bar.

Note: By default last 30 days and only Shipped orders will be downloaded. If you wish to download older orders of all statues, you must adjust the settings in Connections area.

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