How To Move Unify Enterprise And Database To Server environment


  • Determine the SQL version on your current server - this will be the SQL version that must be on the new server environment
  • The Windows OS bit version (32 or 64) of old server must be the same bit version on the new server
  • Backup the current database of Unify Enterprise (Unifydb.bak) on your current server and put on a flash drive. 
  • Login to you customer portal and download the latest version of Unify Enterprise from the downloads area and put the .zip file on a flash drive


While in new server environment

Step 1: Put the Unify Enterprise database backup (.bak file)  on the desktop

Step 2: Put the Unify Enterprise installer .zip file on the desktop and unzip and install the .exe

Step 3: Unify Enterprise will prompt you to create a new SQL database - you must do this.  

Important: UE will determine the version of SQL it thinks should be installed on that server unit.  If the SQL version being installed is different that the version on your previous server environment - interrupt the download.  You must manually install the version of SQL (SQL 2008) in you new environment that matches your old server environment.  

Step 4: Once your database has been created you will be in the manage store screen.

Step 5: Click the restore from backup button and browse your desktop and select the Unifydb.bak on your desktop. 

Note: the restoration will run automatically

Step 6: Feel free to run as usual. 



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