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Configure channel/rule based syncing for Shipstation

Rule based Syncing allows you to set different rules for creating transactions into your Accounting system.

Here we are taking an example of QBO.

You can choose to create either a Sales receipt or an Invoice based on following rules:

  • Purchasing channels(Channels connected within your Shipstation)
  • Order Status
  • Payment Method

To configure the settings: you must do following:

  • Login to Unify
  • Go to Connections and under Settings icon click on Revenue
  • Choose Different Transaction Types under Create for all orders:
  • In the following option(Based On:) select Purchasing channel, Order status, or payment Method to create a rule.
  • Finish configuring respective settings for each rule and click on Done to save the settings

Note: Rule based Syncing would not work if you have configured Consolidation. You must choose to configure either of the one.


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