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Connecting Unify to Infusionsoft

With this integration Unify enables an Infusionsoft customer to add Infusionsoft as a Sales channel, download Sales, Inventory and customers and and sync them in Accounting.

This Integration allows you to do following: 

  • Add Infusionsoft as a Sales Channel to download Sales, Inventory and Purchase Orders(PO) from each respective channels.
  • Sync Sales, Inventory and Purchase Orders(PO) to accounting
  • Create Sales Receipt/Invoice for Orders
  • Create Purchase order for  Purchase Orders(In QBD only)
  • Configure Sync settings to Create transactions(Sales Receipt or Invoice) by Payment method or Order status in Accounting.
  • Configure Daily Automation to automate your Order download and sync.
  • Consolidate transactions(Sales Receipt or Invoice). Sync Orders of a Day or a Month in a Single transaction in Accounting.


To add a Infusionsoft in Unify, please follow the steps below :

Step 1: Go to the Connections tab and click on Add Store.

Step 2: Select Infusionsoft from the list of provided Store Channels

Step 3: Once you've select Infusionsoft from the list please click next. You'll get a pop-up to login to you Infusionsoft account. If you don't get any pop-up for login please make sure you've any pop-up blocker disabled.

Step 4: Once you've logged into your account please select which Infusionsoft application you would like to connect with Unify.

Step 5: Once you've connected Unify with Infusionsoft, Unify will automatically download your last 30 days of orders. 



  • Product price can be updated between store and accounting, however Quantity should only be updated in QB. Inventory residing in Infusionsoft is considered as master inventory and thus is not updated.
  • Inventory sync isn’t support in Xero
    If a Product is listed in multiple channels, would be displayed channel wise in Unify on Inventory tab.
  • Multi Channel Inventory sync isn’t supported. 
  • Inventory sync for kitting, bundling products isn’t supported yet.



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