Syncing Shipping fees to QuickBooks Desktop

All Shipments(Shipping fees) downloaded from Shipstation are displayed in the Shipping area within Unify.

To sync shipments(s) to the accounting system follow below steps:

  • Go to Sales, Transactions tab
  • Select order(s)
  • Select Accounting Sync from the action dropdown 
  • Click confirm

Note: Syncing Shipping fees to Xero isn't available yet

Syncing Shipping fees to QuickBooks Desktop

When a shipment is synced to QuickBooks Desktop, following happens:

  • The shipment is first queued to Unify Extension. (Unify Extension felicitates the transmission of data between Unify and Quickbooks Desktop).
  • Unify Extension further syncs the queued data to respective QuickBooks Desktop Company file and brings back the response(success/error).
  • Extension then notifies the response to Unify. The response is notified based on the settings you configure in Unify Desktop Extension(as shown below)

Important: Follow below instructions to ensure successful and faster syncing process

  • Make sure your QuickBooks and Unify Extension is up and running while syncing.
  • Make sure your Unify Extension have the same account/login as your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • It is best to set the check request to 1 min in Unify extension.


Isn't syncing the right way? Edit your Sync settings

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