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International Shipments with Harmonized Code in Unify Enterprise

Harmonized Code Shipments

If you use Harmonized Code for your products when shipping internationally there are a few ways to deal with this in Unify Enterprise.

If you don't have international shipments too often, you can always check the box for harmonized code and input each code on the individual shipments when you do them rather than input them beforehand.

However, if you would like to map these codes to individual SKU's ahead of time, that is available in the Shipping settings of Unify Enterprise.

Mapping Harmonized Codes

In order to preemptively map Harmonized Codes for SKU's that will pre-fill on international shipments you can do so from the Shipping >> Map Harmonized Code screen as pictured below

Once you have entered this screen, simply check the box for any SKU you want to map a harmonized code for, and then to the far right double click in the Harmonized Code box and input the code.

When finished with any Harmonized Code mappings, click Map Products at the bottom, then exit this screen.

Now next time you ship an International Shipment with a Harmonized Code attached, it will be predefined in the shipment for you.

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