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Shipstation Sync Settings - Fulfillment Configuration In Unify

In this area you can configure setting to download shipments from your Shipstation account and sync them as Bill paid/unpaid into your Accounting system.


Here are the settings:


Download Shipments starting from:

Here you can select from which date you would like to download shipments from Shipstation to record in Accounting system.


Bill Paid:

In this option you can select how to record shipment into your Accounting system as a Paid or Unpaid Bill. If you choose to create a paid bill you've to select Payment method, Deposit date and payment date to record the bill.


Selecting Vendor to record in Accounting system bill. You can select the Shipping carrier used to ship the order as the vendor OR you can have Shipstation recorded as the default vendor in all bill.


Here you can select the terms to apply on the bill created to fulfill the shipment. 

Bill Date:

Use this option to determine what you want to set as the bill's date. This is the date of shipment that would be recorded in the bill. You can choose the actual ship date of the order, or you can select the ship date + 30 days. These option basically mean that the bill date would be recorded in Accounting system as the date that the order was shipped with the addition of 30 days; and are usually used by wholesalers who give credits, importers who need to import the product before shipping, Dropshippers, etc.

Due Date:

Use this option to record the due date of the bill created in Accounting system. You can choose actual ship date, ship date + 15 days OR ship date + 30 days. 


Here you must select an account to be using in a line item while entering Shipments in Accounting system.


Memo field- Memo field is a field in bill that you have created and you can record below mentioned details in memo field. 

a) OrderNo.TrackingNo

b) Tracking NO

c) Order NO

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