How to get started configuring Unify sync settings for Shipstation

The Shipstation Sync Settings area allows you to configure how Unify syncs data between your Shipstation and Accounting System.

There are four areas of sync settings:

Revenue Configuration: This area deals with how Unify will record your orders/sales in Accounting system as Sales Receipt/Invoice.

Customer Configuration: This area deals with how Unify will look for existing customers in Accounting system and what will be done, if a customer is not found.

Product Configuration: This area of Unify decides how Unify should look for existing items(inventory/non-inventory) in Accounting system and what should be done if an item is not found.

Fulfillment Configuration: Here you can setup and configure Unify to record Shipments as Bill paid/unpaid into your Accounting system.

To get to the Shipstation Sync Settings do following:

  • Login to Unify and click on the CONNECTIONS tab
  • Under Connection tab click on settings icon under Shipstation in Stores section.
  • Click on the option from the list to configure respective setting.

Next Step:

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