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How Unify for SkuVault works

SkuVault is a software that connects to online channels to allow merchants to manage their Inventory.  

With this integration, Unify enables a SkuVault customer to add SkuVault as a Sales channel, download Sales, Inventory and Purchase orders and sync them in Accounting.

Limitation: Purchase Orders are only downloaded and displayed if your Unify is connected to QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: If you sell on a channel that is not among the Integrated list of SkuVault, No worries! you could still add those channels in Unify. Here is a list of Unify Integrations.

This Integration allows you to do following: 

  • Add SkuVault as a Sales Channel to download Sales, Inventory and Purchase Orders(PO) from each respective channels.
  • Sync Sales, Inventory and Purchase Orders(PO) to accounting
  • Create Sales Receipt/Invoice for Orders
  • Create Purchase order for  Purchase Orders(In QBD only for Advance/Plus plan users)
  • Configure Sync settings to Create transactions(Sales Receipt or Invoice) by Payment method or Order status in Accounting.
  • Configure Daily Automation to automate your Order download and sync.
  • Consolidate transactions(Sales Receipt or Invoice). Sync Orders of a Day or a Month in a Single transaction in Accounting.

Supported accounting systems: 

  • QuickBooks Online (US versions)
  • QuickBooks Desktop (Pro/Premiere/Enterprise) - US and international editions
  • Xero


  • Product price can be updated between store and accounting, however, Quantity should only be updated in QB. Inventory residing in SkuVault is considered as master inventory and thus is not updated.
  • Inventory sync isn't supported in Xero
    If a Product is listed in multiple warehouses, would be displayed warehouse wise in Unify on Inventory tab.
  • Multi-Channel Inventory sync isn’t supported.
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