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QuickBooks Online sync settings for Square integration

After Unify has connected to your accounting system and Square location, the sync settings can be configured.  


In the connections area click on the sync settings box to get started.  

QuickBooks Company preferences 

 Unify will begin downloading the data and settings from your QuickBooks Online company file.  It will take a few min, when it is complete Unify will automatically direct you to the next screen.   


Orders sync settings

You can always click on Preview anytime to see what the transaction will look like in QuickBooks Online with the particular settings that are chosen. 

These settings configure transaction dates and what accounts the Square sales will hit in QuickBooks Online.


This section sets up transaction level information the product description/memo will manifest with on the transaction.  


If you are using QuickBooks Online (Essentials or Plus) then you will have additional options in for location and class tracking. 

Once you have completed this area, click save & continue


Customer sync settings

This area sets up how new and reoccurring customers appear in your QuickBooks Online company file. 

Once you have completed this area, click save & continue


Product Sync settings

This area is very important for setting up how inventory should be tracked in QuickBooks Online.  

If you have inventory in your online store but those product(s) are not in QuickBooks Online, they can be created automatically when orders are synced to QuickBooks Online in this area. 

If you are using QuickBooks Online-Plus, tracking inventory is a unique settings of that version.  Tracking inventory will display these settings: 

Inventory tracking will allow a inventory asset and expense account details to be configure to accurately track inventory item quantity levels.  

Once you have completed this area, click save & continue


Square fees sync settings

This area sets up how transaction fees for Square sales are categorized and to what account they flow into within QuickBooks Online. 

Note: If you have unique a product/service name or descriptions can be renamed at any time.  

Once you have completed this area, click save & continue


Taxes sync settings

Unify will give the option not to record tax or record taxes as a line item.  If you have created unique tax items or localities within QuickBooks Online, they will be displayed in the dropdown.  

Once you have completed this area, click save & exit

Unify will take you directly to the dashboard where all of your new sales will be downloaded. 

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