How to Record Amazon settlement data in QuickBooks and Prepare for Reconcilation




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    David Matthew

    Good info, I am trying to execute a system like this, but how do you match the orders to the deposits? Or is this irrelevant? When we sell an item on our website and the customer uses Amazon to pay, or if we sell the item on Amazon, it creates an order in QBO, I have had to manually match everything. With this, it seems like that can be bypassed, but is there any further action needed? As each order is "deposited" into the clearing account, do they need to be matched for reconciliation purposes or do you simply avoid reconciling the clearing account?

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    Karen McFarlin McCabe

    I work in multi-currency.  I get paid by Amazon in CAD, but we have sales in both USD and CAD.  Should I set up a clearing account for both currencies, then transfer the Amazon payments to our CAD Bank account?   Right now I only have one clearing account set to CAD.  Thanks.

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    Tyler M

    With Multi currency you will need separate clearing accounts for each currency you accept. When you transfer funds between accounts within QuickBooks of different currencies, QuickBooks asks for the exchange rate used. 

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