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How far back can I import orders with Amazon?

Retrieving old order data on Amazon can be difficult. Amazon is a service that is best kept up to date with to avoid the lag time associated with relying on a third party to release information to you, or store information for you.

The following are steps to figure out just how far back your individual order data is still stored on Amazon's servers. If Amazon has discarded the individual order data available through these retrieval methods, that information will never be available again through any alternative method.

Finding FBA Orders for Import into Unify Enterprise

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Reports > Fulfillment > Amazon Fulfilled Shipments
  3. Click on the Download Tab at the top
  4. Change the Event Date to Exact dates
  5. Start by setting the first date to as far back as you desire to begin retrieving orders from. As an example, lets say January 2015. Set the date to 01/01/2015
  6. Set the end date to the end of that same month. For this example, 01/31/2015
  7. Click Request Download.

This will take a few moments to retrieve and download. To the right you will see the current report status, which will start as In Progress. When the date range finishes downloading, you will see one of two changes in the Report Status.

  1. Download - This means your orders are available for that given date range, and there is a report to download. You can continue to move the date range forward, month by month, and download all remaining orders until the present date to be imported into Unify Enterprise.
  2. No Data Available - This means Amazon has discarded any order data for this date range or older. Unfortunately, this order data is completely removed from Amazon's available records. You will not be able to download any orders from this date range, however, you can move the date range forward to the next month and repeat, until a report is available to download. That is how you can find the oldest available records Amazon has kept for your FBA fulfilled shipments.

What about Merchant Fulfilled Orders?

When importing Merchant orders into Unify Enterprise, it is best to allow them to download with the settlement reports through the XML feed by following this article here.

However, you can still check how far back this order data is available, by repeating the above steps followed for FBA, in a different report.

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Reports > Fulfillment > All Orders
  3. Run the report as noted above in steps 3-7

This works the same as FBA but includes the Merchant Fulfilled orders, again allowing you to trace back how far Amazon still retains this data.

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