Use Webgility Desktop to process returns/refunds on supported shopping carts




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    How do you set the date of the refund to the current date so it will show in End of Day?

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    In order to set the refund date to the current date when posting a credit memo you can change the following setting:


    Go to File >> Configure Store >> Transactions >> Credit Memo >> Select the Credit Memo Date dropdown as Order Posting Date. 


    This will cause the credit memo to post with today's date. If you are regularly downloading and posting refunds daily, the day the refund is posted and processed will be identical. Please see the attached screenshot and let us know if you have any other questions!


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    It did exist for a while, after upgrading to a different version, but the latest update has removed the option again. 

    Also the refunds, post to QB exactly 24 hours after the refund is processed via Unify.

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