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Unify Enterprise Edition: Amazon Product Listing

May 12, 2016

We’re pleased to announce our new Amazon product listing feature for Unify Enterprise Edition. With this exciting feature you can now quickly and easily list and manage products on the world’s largest online retailer. Seamlessly integrate Amazon into your business model without sacrificing time-saving automated order and inventory management.

With just a few clicks, Unify Enterprise Edition now matches existing products in your accounting software with Amazon’s vast catalog, and easily adds them to your Amazon seller account—no tedious data entry required.

We’re looking forward to providing a similar feature for eBay in an upcoming release.

Amazon product listing is available in Unify Enterprise Edition v5.5 and higher, and is available for all Unify Enterprise Edition plans. Download the latest version by logging in to your Webgility Account.

Read the release notes to learn about all the features in this release, or click here to learn how to list products on Amazon.

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