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How to prevent Overselling with Unify Enterprise

Overselling is one of the most frequently mentioned pain points for online sellers both starting out, and with long standing e-commerce businesses. As you begin to sell on more and more sales channels, keeping all of your inventory manageable becomes harder and harder.

Solution: Multi-Channel Inventory Sync with Unify Enterprise

  • Keep multiple sales channels in sync without overselling by providing buffer zones for higher volume channels

**NOTE** Please keep in mind that in order to use Multi-Channel Sync, you must have at least 2 stores connected to Unify Enterprise and must be on the Premium or above tier plans.

Here is the area within the configuration screen that you can set your multi-channel sync rules.

Within the window for the sync rules, you will be able to set criteria for how Quantity and Price will be calculated when synchronizing from Quickbooks to each Sales Channel that you have connected currently to Unify Enterprise that you would like sync rules applied to.

To enable certain channels for Multi-Channel Sync, you must check the box for each channel on the left most column. Now, you can implement your settings for each channel and how you would like Unify Enterprise to calculate each data type (quantity and price)

So, what can be done for the Quantity Rule? Below, I have set up a few of my stores to synchronize quantity. For each of these channels, I have entered a value of “1” in the quantity field and then selected “less than Quickbooks” from the  drop down menu.

Using this rule, I am instructing the Multi-Channel sync tool to sync 1 less than the quantity in QuickBooks as the quantity to my sales channel.

For example, if SKU123 within Quickbooks has a total quantity of 100, then Unify will synchronize 99 to my store. The purpose for this is realized once my product’s inventory has almost depleted.

Taking that same product, I have now sold almost all of my inventory for that item and Quickbooks is left with only 1. Because my sync rule is set to calculate 1 less than Quickbooks, then Unify will synchronize a quantity of “0” to my channel. This would effectively make that product in my sales channel unavailable for purchase, thus ensuring that I do not oversell that item and giving me more time to replenish inventory.

This small buffer zone not only grants extra time to replenish, but covers the potential delay time between sales channels synchronizing inventory. Being able to set this rule on a sales channel level can allow for limiting overselling on your channels that are most important.

For example, most marketplaces like Amazon carry penalties for delayed fulfillment. With this multi-channel inventory sync, you could specifically give Amazon lower inventory than you show in QuickBooks compared to your other sales channels where overselling may not be as big of a concern because you have more slack on fulfillment requirements.


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