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Amazon Product Listings

You can now use Unify Enterprise Edition to list products on Amazon.

This feature comes with the below mentioned requirements and/ or limitations. Remember to provide your feedback on this feature as we will be updating this on the basis of your feedback. 

    • We only list products that are already available on Amazon. We cannot list a product from scratch.
    • Products will be listed on Amazon using an ASI Number (Amazon Simple Identification Number). If users do not know the ASIN for a particular product, we have provided an option to search ASIN by using the product name or a custom search string.
    • We are creating simple listings in this release. Variations and image upload options will be available in the next release.

To use this feature, go to Products >> My Products. 

Once there, click on Get Products to update the product lists in Unify Enterprise Edition. 

Once done, go to Products >> Transfer products

Here, you need to go to the List on Amazon tab.

To list a product on Amazon, follow the steps below:

1. Select the Product that you want to list on Amazon. 

2. Add the product information.

3. Type in the product ASIN. If you do not know this number, scroll down to learn how to retrieve this number from Amazon.

4. Select the product condition from the dropdown

5. Hit save. The product status will change from missing to ready to transfer. 

6. Click on the list products button to list the product on Amazon. 

To retrieve the ASI Number:

Click on the magnifying glass icon to search the ASIN:

On the screen that comes up, type in the product name, SKU or UPC and click search.

On the search results page, choose the product that you want to list. As mentioned in the limitations above, the product must be pre-existing product within the Amazon catalog. Once you find a matching product, click on 'Use this ASIN'

Note: If it is not a pre-existing product, you will need to list this product manually within your Amazon Seller Central account.  

Once done the ASIN will be filled in. 


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