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eCC Desktop Migration To Unify Enterprise (FAQs)

Unify Enterprise encompasses all of the features of eCC Desktop and expands it into a dashboard from which you can coordinate your business and streamline your management, shipping, accounting and inventory workflows.  

The migration for our eCC Desktop Enterprise Plan clients has started and all eCC Desktop Enterprise subscriptions purchased after 2014 are eligible for a free upgrade. 

Here are some FAQs for the eCC Desktop to Unify Enterprise migration process: 

1) How much does migration cost?

Reach out to your account management team: 877.753.5373 ext 2.  

2) Will I be able to roll back to eCC Desktop after the Unify Enterprise migration?


3) I am running eCC Desktop and Windows XP, can I migrate?

No.  Unify Enterprise only runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 or Vista.  Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP.  You will likely have to purchase a new computer with a compatible operating system.  Click here to learn more from Microsoft.  

4) What version of eCC Desktop do I need to have to migrate to Unify Enterprise?

All systems running eCC Desktop  should be upgraded to v4.9.0.5.  This is particularly important for multi-user and server environments.  

5) What data will be migrated? 

The following information from your eCC Desktop database will be migrated over: 

  • All store connections and configurations
  • Current eCC Desktop database
  • All mappings
  • Order history
  • Add-on user connections

6) What will happen after I migrate to Unify Enterprise?

You will be able to start in Unify Enterprise where you left off eCC Desktop and resume all previous functionality as well as encounter new features in the Unify Enterprise product. 

7) How long will the migration take?

For single user system, it should take about 10 min.  For multi-user and server environment and depending on how many users you have, it may take about 1 - 2 hours.  

8) I have multiple users running eCC Desktop, can I migrate? 

Yes. The primary user migrates first, then the all add-on users.  Click here to learn more how the multi-user environment is migrated. 

9) eCC Desktop is installer on a server machine, will I encounter issue migrating?

Yes.  eCC Desktop installed on a server acts a primary user and all computers connecting to it act as add-on users.  So the same procedure for multi-user environments will need to be followed for eCC Desktop installed on a server. 

10) I purchased customization in eCC Desktop, can I migrate?

To ensure a smooth migration, it is best to reach out to your account manager to determine the parameters of your customization and whether it's safe to migrate smoothly.  

11) eCC Desktop and QuickBooks are being hosted, can I migrate?

If you on RightNetworks, NovelASPect, UniData, TrappOnline, Cloud9, etc your hosting provider will migrate your application at a later time. 

12) If I am unable to migrate during my business hours, what can I do?

You can reach out to the account management team to schedule a migration session with you outside of our and your business hours.  This is particularly important for multi-user environments.  

13) If I have questions about the migration, who do I contact?

All migration questions can be directed to the account management team.  

  • 877.753.5373 ext 2
  • 8:00am - 5:00pm (Pacific Time)
  • Monday - Friday

14) If I encounter an issue/problem/error during migration, who do I contact?

All migration issues can be addressed by submitting a request to our support team.  Or calling directly at 877.753.5373 ext 3.

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