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eCC Desktop Migration To Unify Enterprise (For Multi-user environments)

If you are running eCC Desktop:

  • Within a LAN with multiple users
  • Installed eCC Desktop on a server 
  • Users are connected to eCC Desktop database located on a server

The migration for your primary and add-on users must happen simultaneously and must be completed. Once the primary user is migrated, the add-on user(s) cannot access eCC Desktop.  

Important: All systems running eCC Desktop must be upgraded to the latest version (v4.9.0.5) of eCC Desktop. 

This is extremely important to do this step, which may take some time, but this is the foundation of a smooth and quick migration for all of your users.  


Multi-user Environments

The migration of the primary user and add-on users must happen simultaneously so your add-on users can regain use of Unify Enterprise and resume where they left off.  

Server Environments

Your server acts as your primary user and the workstations(s) is/are the add-on user(s) during migration.  Due to this setup, this environment is actually a multi-user environment.  

Migration process for multi-user and server environments

1) Make sure all computers running eCC Desktop are upgraded to the latest v4.9.0.5 of eCC Desktop

2) Complete the Unify Enterprise migration process for the primary user

3) Add-on users should login to eCC Desktop and will be prompted to migrate

4) Add-on users should login to Unify Enterprise using the add-on user credentials

5) Repeat steps 2 - 4 for all add-on users

6) Resume primary and add-on user functions in Unify Enterprise 


Click here to read our Migration FAQs.   


Migration Questions

Note: The migration process may take some time (1 - 2 hours) and shut down operations for your team until the migration process is completed for all users.  

If you need to migrate your multi-user or server environment to Unify Enterprise outside of business hours, please reach out to the account management team: 

  • 877.753.5373 ext 2
  • 8:00am - 5:00pm (Pacific Time)
  • Monday - Friday


Migration Support

If you have migrated or in the process of migration and have encountered an issue reach out to our support team: 

  • 415.666.2625
  • 8:00am - 5:00pm (Pacific Time)
  • Monday - Friday



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