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How Unify Enterprise Handles Product Variations With WooCommerce (POS)

Unify Enterprise is able to transfer WooCommerce product variations to QuickBooks POS and sync the data (price/quantity) between the online store and QuickBooks POS. 

WooCommerce is able to build item variations with unique SKUs.  The unique sku is tied to the product that is chosen by the customer.  This makes transforms the variation into a simple product, which Unify Enterprise sees as a simple item and quantity can be synced between the online store and QuickBooks POS. 

This is what we will explore: 

  • A. How Unify Enterprise identifies products
  • B. How to transfer products from WooCommerce to QuickBooks POS
  • C. How products match between WooCommerce and QuickBooks POS

A. How Unify Enterprise identifies products
Unify Enterprise can do this by setting up criteria for how items are identified in the online store and in QuickBooks POS. 

Unify Enterprise and QuickBooks POS :

1. QuickBooks POS: criteria: Item number, Item name, SKU, ALU and UPC

It is critical to make sure that the data in the matching criteria for the online store and QuickBooks is exactly the same.

When that is accomplished, Unify Enterprise "sees" the items as matching and the item data (quantity and price) can easily be synchronized.   

B. How to transfer products from WooCommerce to QuickBooks POS

Making sure the SKU for the option matches the field used by Unify Enterprise to identify a product in QuickBooks POS is a critical factor in making this work.  First some prep work needs to be done to determine the best way for this process to work.  

We know that WooCommerce identifies the variation by individual SKU.  

a. If you already have products in your QuickBooks POS company file: 

Step 1: Ask yourself: "Does the variation SKU exist in any of the fields in QuickBooks/POS?"

  • QuickBooks POS: item number, SKU, ALU, UPC

Step 2: If the variation SKU is not located in any fields in QuickBooks POS:

  • QuickBooks POS: choose either the ALU or UPC to have the variation SKU inserted within an existing item. 

Step 3: Modify the product matching criteria in Unify Enterprise to reflect the SKU (for online store product identification) and/or ALU/UPC.

Step 4: The variation SKU in WooCommerce must be copied manually to the field for identifying products in QuickBooks POS.  

b. If you have no products in your QuickBooks POS company file

Step 1: Ask yourself, "what field in QuickBooks POS do you want to have the SKU information from WooCommerce?" 

Step 2: 
Establish the matching criteria in Unify Enterprise

Step 3: 
Transfer products from WooCommerce into QuickBooks POS

The online SKU and the ALU field have been chosen as the matching criteria fields. The SKU will be automatically entered into the ALU field in Unify Enterprise transfer product area.  

Step 4: Enter price, quantity and cost information. When finished click Save and the Transfer Product(s) button.

In QuickBooks POS

The item name will also have the SKU from the online store which can be modified after the product has been transferred into POS.

After the transfer
After transferring products in scenarios a & b go to File menu >> Download latest configuration and download information from the online store

This allows Unify Enterprise to do a global refresh of the new data in QuickBooks. 

C. How products match between WooCommerce and QuickBooks POS

After the download is complete, go to the Products menu->My products and go to the matched products tab.  You will see that the SKU field and the field that you have designated to identify QuickBooks products are marked in blue.  

Since both of the fields have matching data:

  • Posting to QuickBooks POS will be seamless 
  • Quantity and or price can be synchronized between the WooCommerce and QuickBooks POS. 
  • You can keep an accurate count of your inventory as it decreases from the online store and QuickBooks allowing you to reconcile your account easily. 
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