Configure Dropshipping with Unify Enterprise



  • To Enable Dropshipping notifications : Go to File >> Configure Store >> DropShip tab and click on Yes.

After enabling Dropshipping you will see the other options.

  • Notify Vendor : If you want to notify the Vendors by sending them email, select/ check the check box saying "Do you want to notify Vendors by email for DropShip Orders?". 

Unify Enterprise will automatically pick your email / sender email which you have provided in the Store details page. You can also change the sender email. This is the email address that will appear on the mail you are sending to your vendor as the From address. Typically this would be your outbound to vendor email, like a shipping@ or orders@ email address.

  • Send Packing Slip : If you want to send the packing slip to your vendor as a PDF attachment, you can select the "Send Packing Slip as PDF attachment" check box.


Configuring the merchant to vendor email template

Now that you have selected to use our dropshipping feature and send packing slips via email, both can be configured via the tabs at the top. The first tab will configure how the email to the vendor looks as you can see here:


Configure the dropship order customer packing slip

Then after configuring the email to include the information that you would like a vendor to see, you can configure the packing slip that gets sent to the vendor for the customer in the second tab as pictured here: 

If you are ready to use the settings, click on Save and Continue.

Using and testing the dropshipping features

The best way to test out this feature is the following:

  1. Mark a few items in your accounting system as dropship items
  2. Create a test order on your store with these items
  3. Make the Preferred Vendor for those items in QuickBooks your email address so you can receive the email confirmation and packing slip (as if you were the vendor who is going to receive it.)
  4. In Unify Enterprise go to File >> Download Latest Configuration >> download data from QuickBooks (this will refresh the vendor list, making sure those items are set to your test email as the right email to send the notification to).
  5. Download the test order you have placed on the online store and select it, click the email to Vendor button from the inbox.



After it finishes, Unify Enterprise will tell you what email it sent the notification to, which should be the email you set up. Check your email and see the new order notification as your vendor would see it. From here you can repeat your testing as you change settings to make sure you have configured it the way you want it to look when it gets sent.

Here is an example of an email to a vendor that has been configured as a test:

A similar Packing Slip has also been attached to this particular email, but the information on each is dependent on how you configure it as previously mentioned, so it is recommended to test what will work best for you and your vendors.

Customization option: Unify Enterprise emails are sent from "".  If you would like for these emails to send from your business email address, that is available via customization.  Click here to sent a support request for this customization with the subject line "Dropship email from merchant to vendor email send customization needed".  


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