Connect Unify to QuickBooks Desktop

Connect your accounting system to automatically sync order, customer, and product data across channels from one place.
To connect Unify to QuickBooks Desktop follow below steps:
Step 1: Go to the Connections tab and in the Accounting section, click on Add Accounting and then click on Connect to QuickBooks Desktop.  
Upon clicking on Connect to Quickbooks Desktop, Unify Desktop Extension will automatically start to download. If this does not happen, you can click on the 'click here' link in the pop-up message.
Step 2: Once the Unify extension downloads and has been installed, open the same and enter your Unify login credentials to login.
Important: Make sure your QuickBooks Desktop is up and running.
After log in, Unify will ask you to connect to your QuickBooks Desktop. To connect to QuickBooks Desktop follow below steps:
Step 2A: Select your QuickBooks Version from the drop-down, browse the Company file location and click on Connect to QuickBooks button.
Step 2B: After clicking Save & Close, QuickBooks will show you an Application Certificate. Click on "Yes always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running", select the check-box and click on Continue.
Step 2C: Click on Done.
Now you have successfully connected Unify to QuickBooks Desktop. 
Step 3: Now log out of Unify and login again and go to Connections tab. Now Unify will begin downloading Customers, Products and Other data from your QuickBooks Desktop Company file. 

Once the data and settings download, you will see the screen below. Do remember that all of these are necessary to be turned on for Unify to function smoothly. Should any one of these be turned off, remember to flick the switch and turn on the option in Unify (which in turn will turn it on in QuickBooks DeskTop)


If these options do not turn on, speak to your accounts manager to schedule an onboarding or call Instant Support on 877 753 5373

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