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Unify Enterprise Edition v5.0 - v5.6.4.0



Unify Enterprise Release

Release Date: August 22, 2016

Usability Enhancements:

  • Multiple currency support with netsuite integration.
  • Print individual quantity for items in an assembly item on a pick list.
  • Option to set insurance as default for
  • Additional icons on dashboard showing difference between total order amount and amount posted to Quickbooks.
  • Hide payment processor on packing slip.
  • Shopify refund amount enhancement. Users can download and post refund amount which is not associated with any product as line item.

Performance Enhancements:

  • Support for special characters in Mailchimp account name.
  • Amazon settlement report.
  • Quickbooks Canada group items posting enhancement.


Unify Enterprise Release

Release Date: August 8, 2016

Usability Enhancements:

  • Undo transactions for NetSuite users.
  • Additional columns like Customer name and company name while processing shipping.
  • Auto address validation for
  • Due date option for sales orders. 
  • Hide payment processor fees from Packing slip.
  • Sync bin locations from Quickbooks Enterprise to Volusion store.

Performance Enhancements:

  • Profitability report generation. 
  • UPS direct shipping.
  • Barcode generation for group items from Quickbooks Enterprise.



Unify Enterprise Release

Release Date: August 1, 2016

New Integration: Newegg

  • Download all your orders from Newegg store into Unify.

Usability enhancements:

  • Map multiple currency while posting Amazon EU orders.
  • Filter Amazon orders based on fulfillment channels.
  • Enhancement in packing slip and invoice for Amazon orders.
  • Print dashboard graphs. 
  • Additional Price levels for netsuite.
  • Adult signature option for Endicia Label Server and express1.
  • Map products options between Shopify and Netsuite while creating transactions.

Performance Enhancements: 

  • Shopify refund posting
  • Endicia dazzle users can generate sender's copy with international shipments.
  • Purchase orders can be created from Unify scheduler while posting consolidated transactions.



Unify Enterprise Edition:

Release Date: July 18, 2016

New Integration: Amazon EU 

  • Download orders from all countries compatible with the Amazon EU marketplace
  • Download merchant and FBA orders and post orders based on sales channels
  • Multi-currency mapping feature to post and display sales channel currency in QuickBooks using the QuickBooks multi-currency version
  • Correctly display all non-latin characters in order details and shipping labels

Performance enhancements:

  • Amazon Settlement report posting
  • Order profitability report: calculates cost price based on Unit of measure set by user
  • Amazon Settlement summary report: displays fees and associated orders at a glance

Usability enhancements:

  • View order summary report to reconcile order data in Unify Enterprise vs order data within the online store using a specific date range
  • Copy shipping settings from an existing store profile into another existing profile for faster configuration and setup
  • Display refund column within Archive tab
  • Display gift wrap charges with BigCommerce, Volusion and 3DCart 

Shipping features:


Unify Enterprise Edition:

Release Date: July 1, 2016

New Integration: Square

  • Add Square as a sales channel to sync daily Square sales to accounting systems
  • Download sales from both Marketplace and in-person (POS) orders
  • Multiple Square locations can be connected and configured individually and synced to accounting system
  • Netsuite & QuickBooks Enterprise: manage inventory in specific Square sales locations 

Performance enhancements:

  • Undo Sync: Right-click on order posted to accounting system to undo posting and delete transaction from accounting system
  • Dashboard metrics: generate e-Commerce metrics graph for previous year
  • Enhanced item level price and quantity rules screen
  • Enhanced consolidated report screen by adding QuickBooks Transaction ID in report 
  • Move data to old archive in larger batches to increase performance 

Usability features:

  • Trial users: Purchase your Unify Enterprise subscription within the application. 
  • Amazon: Download Amazon settlement report using Unify Enterprise scheduler
  • Add-on users: option to copy the shipping rules from Admin database to add-user database
  • Amazon (POS integration): while listing products on Amazon, display UPC to facilitate easier search by UPC functionality
  • Amazon (FBA integration): option to set check/credit memo date as FBA return date since Unify Enterprise receives the return date for FBA return orders
  • Ratuken: option to set fees and commission to download with or without the order data

Order fulfillment features:

  • Magento: Auto-detect a return or refund in orders downloaded prior to refund/return. Refunded/returned orders are downloaded with refund details so accounting system can be adjusted accordingly

Shipping features:

  • International shipping: set default harmonized code for individual items for international shipments
  • Set additional package weight while adding package dimension in Dimension library



Unify Enterprise Edition:

Release Date: June 20, 2016

Order profitability report enhancements:

  • Amazon expenses and fees display within report calculations
  • Display Item cost price queried from QuickBooks
  • Display Item Avg cost (if utilized) queried from QuickBooks
  • Display shipping cost if shipment details are imported by using import tracking details
  • Display report for pending and posted orders

Performance enhancements:

  • For high volume sellers, old orders shift into the old archive in batches
  • Optimize consolidated posting within Right Networks environment

Usability features:

  • Mark item as dropship while creating item in QuickBooks
  • Delete item mappings within map product qty screen
  • Unify Enterprise scheduler will resume posting orders in QuickBooks if there is a QuickBooks error that has been resolved
  • Use barcode scanner to enter items within the phone order interface



Unify Enterprise Edition:

Release Date: June 13, 2016

New features:

  • Amazon Settlement Report Summary: high level Amazon settlement report summary which includes summarized and detail view of fees and refunds. 
  • Multi-channel inventory sync at item level: create sync and pricing rules for individual items within an online channel

Performance enhancements:

  • Amazon: Post Amazon FBA return orders in bulk to increase the speed of posting to QuickBooks
  • Correctly display all non-latin characters within orders, items, customer and shipping/billing address information

Usability enhancements:

  • Amazon: Option to filter Amazon FBA return order by item condition (sellable vs unsaleable) for posting to QuickBooks in bulk
  • Phone Orders: calculate tax with QuickBooks tax item, fixed rate or Avalara 
  • Refunds/returns: if Unify Enterprise detects a refund/return in an order that is in the archive, the order will move to the inbox automatically

Order fulfillment enhancements:

  • NetSuite: Download multiple tracking IDs from NetSuite based on item fulfillment and update status on Shopify store with tracking details
  • WooCommerce: support customer creation

Accounting integration enhancements:

  • Option to use shipping last name if billing last name is blank when creating customers in QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks POS: option to download custom fields and display and print on pick list or packing slip


Unify Enterprise Edition:

Release Date: June 6, 2016

Multi-user environment enhancement:

  • Removed dependency of QuickBooks connection for all add-on users: Unify Enterprise admin user's database will control the QuickBooks and data connections

Performance enhancements:

  • Silent order download for orders in past or current settlement reports
  • Select orders and automatically get rates for within shipping module 
  • Enhanced speed of shipping module while processing orders using
  • When accessing the shipping module, its screen will always display as the primary window
  • Improved dashboard performance and product module screens when displaying metrics

Phone order enhancements:

  • Item name will be displayed when creating phone orders within the QuickBooks POS integration
  • User is notified while creating a phone order if item quantity in QuickBooks is unavailable
  • Add tax rate/percentage and tax will be dynamically calculated while creating the phone order
  • If multiple users are creating phone orders simultaneously, order numbers will be automatically assigned in incremental order 

Usability enhancements:

  • Create transaction in QuickBooks based on Shopify sales location (Shopify POS)
  • Option to export matched product as .csv file
  • Option to display all orders held within the old archive area
  • Added confirmation pop-ups within the store configuration when opting to post to accounting system multiple times
  • Support for QuickBooks custom field data on packing slip

Order fulfillment enhancements:

  • When shipping with UPS Direct user can add an additional option to set as Attention field
  • Filter order within inbox based on taxable requirements
  • Search based on payment method on dashboard within inbox
  • Mark item as dropship when transferring items to QuickBooks

Accounting integration enhancements:

  • Unit of Measure support for QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • Properly map customer price levels within NetSuite integration




Unify Enterprise Edition:

Release Date: May 25, 2016

New Hardware integration:

  • Dymo M5 10lb. weight scale integration

Usability enhancements:

  • Test and calibrate compatible weight scales within store configuration shipping screen
  • Order refresh actions have been renamed "Re-download" and information guiding user to prepare accounting system and Unify Enterprise for new order data

Order fulfillment enhancements:

  • Phone orders: Get shipping rates (carrier, method, cost) within the phone order interface
  • Partial shipments: For partial shipments done in Unify Enterprise, send partial shipment information to Shopify and Shopify will set the fulfillment status as partially fulfilled
  • Dropshipping: Display QuickBooks POS purchase order number on dropship packing slip
  • Dropshipping: Establish a default vendor for Merchant to Vendor email if an item in QuickBooks is not associated with a vendor
  • Dropshipping: Merchant company information is now displayed within Merchant to Vendor email 

Accounting enhancements:

  • Tax configuration: Manually add new cities or zip codes to map to accounting system tax locations
  • Purchase orders: Added line breaks in shipping details on QuickBooks purchase orders
  • Purchase orders: Display product sku or product name while creating purchase orders for QuickBooks POS
  • NetSuite integration: Display correct country in NetSuite for international online orders


Unify Enterprise Edition:

Release Date: May 18, 2016

Performance enhancements:

  • Move freely around the software as orders download in background (silent)
  • Increased confirmation when removing stores from Unify Enterprise
  • Added rule to move archived orders to old archive by date range
  • Export or delete orders (consolidated/individual) orders from the old archive

Usability enhancements:

  • Print packing slip by shipment within shipment details tab for partially shipped orders
  • Send partial shipment information via email to customer within Unify Enterprise
  • QuickBooks group item integration: split QB group item into individual items and split sales price on transactions in QuickBooks
  • Export shipping cost added to export orders functionality
  • Feature to ignore customer matching criteria when using a standard when creating transactions in QuickBooks

Amazon integration enhancements:

  • Download settlement report by date or manually enter settlement ID
  • UPC lookup for Amazon item listing feature


Unify Enterprise Edition :

Release Date : May 11, 2016

Amazon integration enhancements:

  • Dynamically download new fee groups Amazon adds to settlement reports
  • Calculate and display new settlement fee groups as "Additional Other Expenses" 
  • Refund amount can be configured to post as a deposit in QuickBooks
  • Refunded item for Merchant or FBA orders in sellable condition will be automatically added as an inventory adjustment within QuickBooks


Unify Enterprise Edition :

Release Date : May 9, 2016

Feature Enhancements: 

  • Added Drop ship functionality enhancements: new email templates for sending shipments to vendors, global email content settings, configure requested dispatch date via email, send additional shipping instructions to vendor and more.
  • Consolidated posting functionality: post sales tax for multiple tax jurisdictions by mapping multiple state tax items 
  • Inventory Sync: Download product quantity from multiple inventory sites in QuickBooks and sync to online store
  • Order download performance upgrades: Improvements to order downloading time

Amazon marketplace enhancements:

  • Download amazon settlement report within a specific date range
  • For returned amazon items, order retains settlement ID for principal order and refund is contained within settlement fees
  • Fixed time zone issues with Amazon post to store feature

Accounting/Refunds enhancements:

  • Create a credit memo or check for a cancelled order contained within a consolidated post in QuickBooks
  • Assign payment method for Sales Orders in NetSuite 
  • Option to create check for refunded transaction


Unify Enterprise Edition :

Release Date : May 2, 2016

Performance & Usability: 

Accounting integration:

Store integration:

  • Map Shopify POS sales location with inventory location site in QuickBooks
  • Download and display kits/package inventory type from Netsuite
  • Sync cost price in Bigcommerce products

Shipping integration:

  • Added option add additional HUBID while processing orders for FedEX Smart Post. 
  • If importing multiple tracking ID information, new tracking information will override previous tracking ID 


Unify Enterprise Edition:

Release Date : April 19, 2016

Feature Enhancements: 

  • For Amazon users only : This update allows you to add a column within the inbox to refer to the settlement ID. You can now manually create consolidated postings, based on the settlement report ID, for your Amazon integration. The Settlement ID can shall be searchable and orders can be selected from a single report. 
  • Order weight issues and order details screen view has been rectified.
  • We can now download a custom field of an order from Magneto and Post this custom field in QuickBooks.
  • We now provide users an option to download product weights from Etsy.
  • The map products screen can now be resized.


Unify Enterprise Edition :

Release Date : April 5, 2016

Feature Enhancements: 

  • Amazon Product Listing: Currently in Beta, we are now providing users an option to list their product on Amazon. This feature comes with the below mentioned requirements and/ or limitations. Remember to provide your feedback on this feature as we will be updating this on the basis of your feedback. 
    • We only list products that are already available on Amazon. We cannot list a product from scratch.
    • Products will be listed on Amazon using an ASI Number (Amazon Simple Identification Number). If users do not know the ASIN for a particular product, we have provided users an option to search ASIN by using the product name or a custom search string.
    • We are creating simple listings in this release. Variations and image upload options will be available in the next release.
  • Order profitability reports: This feature will provide users a snapshot of their order profitability. Users will be able to see the individual order profitability as well as profitability for a given time frame. For this report, We are deducting following expenses from order totals.
    • Cost Price of items sold (by using QuickBooks cost price).
    • Shipping cost (In case order is shipped by our application).
    • Expenses & Fess (If cart support).
    • Webgility Insurance (If used by user while doing shipment).
    • Tax Deducted in QuickBooks transaction.
  • User Activity Reports: This feature will allow users to create an activity report regarding the activities performed by a user(s) on daily basis or in a period of time. Following are the key points.
    • Report currently records activities related to orders (Download orders, Ship order, Post to QuickBooks and create Phone orders). We will add options to other activities based on customer feedback.
    • Admin users can see activities for all users and Add-on user will be able to see only their own activities.
    • User can generate this report by using a date range.
  • We now provide Amazon users an option to record expenses and fees as a line item in QuickBooks POS. 
  • The Products >> My Products area has been updated with a Product Dashboard with Graphs and reports. We are showing users top 10 products by revenue or Quantity sold over a period of time. 
  • UPS Users will now have an option to schedule smart pickup.  
  • We have enhanced our order details view to identify back ordered items. Users can now see how many individual items have been partially shipped and can also send packing slip for shipped items.  
  • We are now providing an option to download Amazon orders if the settlement report has been downloaded but the orders have not. Users will see a prompt to download the missing orders and will have the freedom to choose in affirmative or negative. 
  • We will now have an option to post Amazon FBA Returns from a single screen. 
  • New filter options have been added to differentiate FBA and Merchant items in product module.
  • We are now providing Amazon Users an option to create transactions based on sales channels (In addition to the already existing option for fulfillment channels). This is a very unique request, and this has to be specially configured. Speak to our ever ready support team for this! 
  • We have enhanced the Refund Management flow for Magento and Shopify users. We can now download the credit memo from the online store and update the orders, so that users can create the credit memo in QuickBooks. 
  • Users can now Delete / Archive multiple transactions from the Inbox by selecting multiple orders, right clicking and selecting the delete / archive option. 
  • Shipping rules can now be created using the Product SKU. 
  • Users can now import and / or export tax mappings if they have multiple stores.
  • Support Kit / Package Type items can now be downloaded and posted in  transactions. Note : Netsuite only. 
  • We now support Decimal quantity sync with WooCommerce.
  • Users can now edit Item names before product transfer in QuickBooks.
  • For Bigcommerce & Shopify, you can now download orders on the basis of last modified date and not just last created date.  
  • Now users can set Transaction# as the Order Id, while posting transactions into QuickBooks. 
  • Users will now have an option to not display products on packing slips, which have a zero price.
  • Users can now copy the product name on the transfer/map products screen. Previously this field was read only.
  • Netsuite customer creation flow has been enhanced to include the automatic creation / generation of the customer id. 
  • The search fields on the Products >> My Products screen have been enhanced. 
  • Enhancements have been made to the inventory site feature as well. These include the assignment of the bin location.  
  • We can now download Amazon Seller order id with the order and set this in PO number field.




Unify Enterprise Edition :

Release Date : Feb 29, 2016

Feature Enhancements: 

Multi-Channel Sync (Premium and above plans only): This release of Unify Enterprise edition comes with Multi Channel sync, a feature that will allow users to sync price and quantity on their sales channels, based on custom rules. By using these rules, users can sell products at different prices on different sales channels and control quantity sync as well.  

Enhanced Global Inbox: The global inbox has been enhanced and now shows a comparative financial graph of all sales channels.  

Enhanced Drop Ship Module: The drop ship module of Unify Enterprise edition has been enhanced.  You can now filter orders based on drop ship statuses and also export drop shipped orders in a CSV file which can be sent to respective vendors.

Enhanced shipping:

1. We now have the options to add and manage a dimension’s library. Using this library, you can reduce time taken to print a shipping label because you now have pre-set dimensions for various packages and you do not need to enter them brand new. Provide user an option to download refunds from Shopify stores and create credit memo for the refund transactions.

2. Unify Enterprise Edition users can now get rates for FedEx services and FedEx Smartpost independently and display both rates on same screen. 

3. Users will now be able to retrieve multiple tracking ID’s from QuickBooks.

4. Unify Enterprise Edition users will now be able to download shipping charges as a line item and record this in the transaction in QuickBooks and QuickBooks POS.

5. You can now map NetSuite Shipping methods with shipping carriers.

 Enhanced Amazon order flow:

  1. We now allow for management of Amazon returned items that were damaged. These items can be managed better using the new ‘quantity adjustment’ feature.
  2. You can now manually mark orders as posted for Amazon. This will also reduce overall order processing time.

End of Drupal commerce integration: We do not support Drupal Commerce anymore. Existing users can use their existing Drupal commerce stores, but cannot add any new ones.

You can now map Shopify Product options with POS Attribute and size. This mapping will be used at the time of transferring products from Shopify to QuickBooks POS.

Unify Enterprise Edition dashboard will now show the latest news at Webgility

Unify Enterprise Edition users will now have the option to add the same notes to multiple orders.

Users will now be able to see quantity of all Inventory sites and bin locations in the same screen.

Users will now be able to track inventory on their Bigcommerce store while transferring products from accounting systems to Bigcommerce. This will work while creating simple products on Bigcommerce.

We now provide users with an option to set the Quickbooks transaction number in the memo field while manually marking the invoice as paid.



Unify Enterprise Edition :

Release Date : Feb 02, 2016

Feature Enhancements:  

  • CRM integration: We now integrate Unify Enterprise with Salesforce to provide CRM benefits.
  • We now provide you with an option to view all your orders from all your e-commerce platforms in our global inbox.
  • The dropship module has been enhanced with new features.
  • Packing slips and Picklists can now be filtered on the basis of the dropship status.
  • You can now download a credit memo from Magento and post it to QuickBooks as a credit memo or a refund transaction. Know how.
  • You can now post more than one image when transferring a product from QuickBooks to your online store.
  • You can now send an email notification for phone orders.
  • Multiple taxes can now be downloaded from shopify and posted to QuickBooks.
  • We now allow users to create customers as individual or Company for NetSuite users.
  • Allow user to off Address formatting even QuickBooks Shopping Manager is selected by user.
  • You can now display QuickBooks Product description on my products screen.
  • You can now display payment processor fees on Packing slip.
  • UPS surepost rates will now be displayed in the compare rates screen.
  • You can now combine packing slip prints with the shipping label
  • We now allow users to add multiple ship from address and select address from address book on shipping screen. This feature is useful for users who are shipping from multiple warehouse.


Unify Enterprise Edition :

Release date: Dec 28 2015

Features and Enhancements 

  • We enhanced our Order cancellation mechanism and now allowing user more choices to handle cancel order. Now user can create Credit memo, Void transaction or create a refund check. We are allowing user to create refund or credit memo for whole order or partially canceled order.
  • Provide users an option to send notification between users who are using multi user environment of Unify Enterprise. Users can see the activities performed by other users on task-bar. User can also send notification messages to other users and if other users are not read those message unify Enterprise will prompt about the unread notification when they next login.
  • Provide user an option to “Undo Sync” if transaction incorrectly posted in QuickBooks. In case of consolidation posting user can undo sync for all transaction which are associated in consolidation.
  • Enhance eBay reconciliation process, previously we are only posting eBay final value fees and PayPal fess with transaction. Now we are allowing user to download Invoice from eBay and post the expenses in QuickBooks to do proper reconciliation of their financial accounts.
  • Provide user an option to map their QuickBooks custom fields with fields available on their online stores. We are allowing user to map their customers and products custom fields. User can change this mappings whenever they want. All the customization which we did so far for mapping of custom fields will not be impacted.
  • Enhance order display screen so user can see the order items without clicking every order.
  • Provide user an option to set TransactionID as payment reference number in QuickBooks.
  • Allow users to set Qty mappings while doing mapping for items (We added this mappings options for users who are selling bundled items).
  • Enhance usability of shipping insurance report. Now user can copy the Policy id, OrderId, Emaill address and tracking id from this reports.
  • Enhance compare rate feature now allowing user to change dimensions and compare the rates between multiple providers.
  • Enhance usability of Shipping rule screen.


Unify Enterprise Edition :

Release date: Dec 04 2015

Feature Enhancements :

  1. Users can now use the Drop Ship feature with Unify Enterprise.
  2. Symphony commerce : User has provided an option to create transaction based on payment method.
  3. Pixafy is now known as ZoeyCommerce.



Unify Enterprise Edition :

Release date: Oct 06 2015

Introducing Unify Enterprise to integrate with all possible channels and directly impact your eCommerce business rather than just focus on accounting integration. 

New Interface: eCC Desktop is now Unify Enterprise 

New eCommerce channel: Symphony Commerce

  • Download shipped orders
  • Create transactions in accounting system based on sales channel

New Unify Enterprise trial features

  • Contact the Sales department to request a demo of Unify Enterprise before starting a trial
  • Connect unlimited sales channels
  • Utilize add-on users
  • Unlimited order downloads starting from the 1st of the previous month
  • Utilize Unify Enterprise scheduler for automation
  • Utilize Avalara for Tax compliance

New Unify Enterprise features

  • Enhanced User interface: Navigate seamlessly throughout the software and easily enhance the information you can view within the fulfillment tabs
  • Enhanced Sales Dashboard: View sales graph based on Revenue, number of orders, tax collected, shipping revenue and customers.  Generate graph based on data range with a comparative analysis between past and present 
  • Email marketing: Sync customer email data to MailChimp so you can send marketing emails, automated messaged and targeted campaigns all within MailChimp. 
  • No order limits: if an order limit is surpassed for your subscription you will be charged a flat fee for the month 
  • Purchase add-on's: stores and users  
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