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Sync Customers for use with MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing service that you can use to send out newsletters to your customers using various customer lists created inside the MailChimp interface. You can have lists that have opted in for emails, lists that have opted out, and also lists that are common for emails related to website downtime (maintenance) and so on and so forth. Using Unify Enterprise makes it easy for you to take your online customers and make appropriate mailing lists on MailChimp. To sync your customers from your eCommerce platform to MailChimp, simply select the customers you want to sync and click on the Sync Customers option.


As soon as you click on Sync Customers, Unify Enterprise will take the customers and begin to send them to MailChimp. 

Once the sync completes, Unify Enterprise will tell you so.

You can then go to the lists section of MailChimp and you will find the opt-in and opt-out lists created. If the customer has elected out of receiving mails from your website they will be transferred into an Opt-Out list. If they have elected to get mails and newsletters, they go into the Opt-In list. 

Remember you can always click on the name of the list to see further details. 

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