The Order Inbox

Next to the Dashboard tab, you have the inbox tab. This is where all your orders land up once they come in, from the online store. 

Depending upon your configurations you will have 3 or 5 action buttons on the Inbox. By default you should see three buttons. Each of these buttons does exactly what it says. To learn more about the functions of these buttons, click here to learn about order processing. 

To the top right of the inbox tab, you have the action icons.

  • The refresh icon with CRM written on it will sync your order and / or customer to your salesforce CRM (Learn how to set it up).

  • The simple refresh orders icon re-downloads an updated order from the online store.

  • The release locks icon releases the locks on an order, incase it is being worked on with another instance of Unify Enterprise on another computer. 

  • You may also see the cancel order icon, which allows you to cancel an order, right from within Unify Enterprise. 


You will also see a particular column structure, that by default, looks like the below. If you have a different columnar requirement, you can click the Display Settings button on the bottom right of the screen and use display settings to move columns around or add/remove columns as per your liking and requirements. (Click here to learn more about display settings)

The Unify Enterprise inbox allows you to search for an order from within the inbox itself. You can now also search by order date range instead of just by text search. You can still go to Orders >> Search orders, to search across all tabs of Unify Enterprise, but if you want to search from within the inbox only, click on the search icon and search amongst all orders using any of the pre-conditions. 


You also have the option to filter all your orders on the basis of required terms and conditions. Simply click on the filter icon to be able to use the filters. Do remember that the filter icon is a slider. That means incase you have clicked on the search icon as above, the filter icon would have moved to the right of the screen. Else, both icons are located on the left of the screen.

Last but not the least you also have the Action links next to each order on the inbox. Click on View to view order details (Click here to learn more about this) , click on history to see a history of everything that has happened with the order, delete to delete that one individual order and archive to archive that particular order.

Remember, if you sell across multiple channels / multiple eCommerce platforms, you can use the All link in the store chooser menu. This will display all your orders from all your eCommerce platforms in one central place i.e. the Unify Enterprise Global Inbox. 

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