Unify Enterprise advanced shipping settings


1. Please do not modify any advanced settings unless you are well aware of what you are doing. Changing a setting that you should not may cause your software to crash and you may have data loss as well. 

To Get to these settings, in Unify Enterprise, go to File >> Advanced Settings.



  • Webspace version: this is the current version of the Stamp.com API that communicates with Unify Enterprise in the shipping module to validate your user account, address and rates.  
  • If you ever have an issue registering your stamps.com account in the shipping details, modify the webspace version to the most recent (highest number) version.  Doing this will correct any issues you encounter registering your Stamps.com account within Unify Enterprise. 

UPS Worldship settings

  • Unify Enterprise communicates with the UPS Worldship software using an XML file, which is like a bucket that Unify Enterprise put information in and UPS Worldship takes it out and formats it for Worldship.
  • The communication can range between 5 - 55. This area is defaulted to 15 seconds.  Reducing it to 5 seconds diminishes the delay between Unify Enterprise and UPS Worldship.  
  • Retreive tracking ID from Custom Database: 

DaZzle Settings

  • Change Description of Item from Custom Details:  This used for international orders.
  • Read output file every seconds: This is the export response time of the Unify Enterprise when sending data via XML to DaZzle.  

Shipment Settings

  • User Ship Method display name after Shipment: 
  • FedEx Country of Origin: Country that your FedEx account connected to Unify Enterprise for Shipping.
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