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2. Setup Transaction processing

Use this screen to configure how your transactions post to your accounting software. Simply choose a transaction type be it for all orders or orders based on the online store payment method/order status. In POS, the transaction can also be created on the basis of customer groups. 

For POS, the transactions configuration screen looks like the below:

If needed, you can also consolidate all transactions on a daily, Weekly, Monthly, or a manual basis. These transactions will post into your accounting software as a single grouped consolidated transaction.

You can click here to learn about consolidated transactions or the limitations of consolidated transactions. Remember that Daily, Weekly & Monthly Consolidated posting works only when the Unify Enterprise Scheduler is on. Also,  this feature is only for QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

Once you have chosen your transaction type, click on setup, to configure the details of your transaction type, accounts used, template used and more. 

Post the transaction type setup, you can return to the transactions configuration screen to decide what all you need on the transaction type that you have chosen. Most of this information would come in as a line item. 

If you need purchase orders to be created at the same time as your chosen transaction type, remember to select the purchase order option here:


Selecting the Purchase order option will enable another tab on the top of the screen. Use this tab, to setup the purchase order, and to select the conditions for the creation of the purchase orders.


If you need Credit Memos, select that option as well.

This option will open up enable a new tab on the top of the screen that can be used to configure your credit memo. 

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