Adding & managing extra users and online channels

Note : Users for Unify Enterprise are the total number of people who can use Unify Enterprise Edition at the same time. At the same time, stores in Unify Enterprise are the total number of eCommerce platforms and / or multi store versions of a single eCommerce platform that you can use in Unify Enterprise at the same time.  

To purchase and / or manage extra stores and users, login to your Webgility account and go to the addon's tab.  The total number of users and stores on your plan is displayed on the top right. 

To purchase more stores and / or users, click on the purchase addon's button. 


Then select your required addon and click continue to pay and complete the purchase. Once the payment goes through, the addons are instantly added to your account. TO enable them in Unify Enterprise Edition, simply close and restart the software on your computer. 


Stores, once added can be configured in Unify Enterprise Edition. Users can be added and managed within the addons section. You can create a user, change a password and deactivate a user as well. You can also change the password of the main(admin/primary) user here as well. 


To use your newly created user in Unify Enterprise simply restart your admin software. Then install a new instance of Unify Enterprise Edition on any additional computer on the same network and login with your new ID. 

Click here to learn how to install an additional instance of Unify Enterprise on the same network.

Click here to learn how to assign user privileges and monitor user logins. 




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