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QuickBooks Error: This application's certificate is invalid/expired/revoked

If you received these error messages: 

Certificate error #1: This application’s certificate is invalid. An application must have a valid certificate to access QuickBooks company data files.

Certificate error #2: This application’s certificate is expired. If you want to allow the application log into QuickBooks automatically, log into QuickBooks and try again.

Certificate error #3: Certificate has been revoked.


These errors are caused when Unify Enterprise connection certificate in QuickBooks has been deleted or removed.   The authorization for Unify Enterprise to connect to QuickBooks has been must be reestablished before data can be transferred between Unify Enterprise and QuickBooks. This error can be resolved by creating a new connection certificate within Unify Enterprise by testing the QB connection. 

Both Unify Enterprise and QuickBooks should be open for this process and this solution works for QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise/POS.

Part 1: Removing the eCommerce Connector connection in QuickBooks

While QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise is open, go to File->Preferences

  1. Select the integrated applications area
  2. Select each "Unify_Enterprise"  
  3. Click remove

Repeat for each "eCommerce connector" connection as show below: 


Part 2: Re-establishing the QuickBooks connection in Unify Enterprise

Step 1: If you are on the Unify Enterprise Dashboard go to File->Manage Stores

Step 2: Click on Edit Connection next to the store profile the current company file is connected to.

Step 3: In the QuickBooks Connection screen, verify the correct location and file type of the company file parameters and click the Test Connection button. 

Step 4: A connection certification should pop-up behind or in front of the Unify Enterprise software.  

Step 5: Set the parameters of the certificate exactly like the screenshot below. 


Step 6: Click Continue & then done.

Upon successful connection and re-generation of the certificate you should be able to see the prompt below. 

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