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Error: A QuickBooks company data file is already open and it is different from the one requested

This error basically means that the company file open in QuickBooks is different from the one that was set in Unify Enterprise. To resolve this error, you have two options:

This happens most commonly when Unify Enterprise initially connected to QuickBooks in Single-user mode and the QuickBooks is currently in multi-user mode.

Here is how to fix this issue:

1) In Unify Enterprise, while on the dashboard, go to File->Manage Stores
2) Select edit connect next to the store you are currently working in
3) In the QuickBooks Connection screen, toggle the QuickBooks File Mode

4) To match the file mode of QuickBooks

Note: in this example the file mode is on single user mode in Unify Enterprise and in QuickBooks.  
5) Unify Enterprise and QuickBooks must share the same file mode. 

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