How Unify Enterprise handles product with options in Prestashop

If you are using product attributes (Size/Color) in Prestashop each reference ID for the combinations of product must be filled in. 

Step 1: Create unique SKUs for each combination in Prestashop.


The reference ID in this area should match your QuickBooks designation for that same product.  Unify Enterprise is able to see your products as matching in both the online store and in QuickBooks.  


The matching criteria is setup in the store configuration->Product screen:  

Step 2: Set your matching criteria in Unify Enterprise

Step 3: Setting up Unify Enterprise to recognize the Ref ID as the SKU

While in the Store Configuration >> Product screen area, select the Store Product Settings tab.

In the Overwrite store SKU settings field select "reference" from the list (as shown below): 

Click Save & Continue to save these settings. 

Step 4: How Unify Enterprise sees your products

Once the combination reference IDs are added (in PrestaShop) and matching criteria is established (in Unify Enterprise), the products will be structured as shown below: 

Unify Enterprise will download the combination SKU as individual items and the item will be the actual item SKU within an order. 

Unify Enterprise will be able to easily and properly sync any price or quantity fluctuation for product variations. 

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