Posting Amazon expenses and fees into QuickBooks

Step 1: Download or import the settlement report from Amazon. After the expenses and fees have been setup, the settlement can be downloaded from Amazon. Go to Orders menu >> Amazon Settlement Report.

 Below is a screenshot of the settlement report download window that will appear with any currently downloaded settlement reports in it.

When downloading settlement reports, you can select the start and end date range to download reports from so that you can set a specific range to look for a certain settlement report or reports as seen here:

Step 2: Post to QuickBooks :
Post the expenses and fees associated with the Settled Amazon Orders and Settled FBA orders, by clicking on Post Expenses and Fees to QuickBooks button.


Then post the other fees associated with the settlement report cycle to QuickBooks.  Unify Enterprise can post them in batches per settlement report (if there is more than one settlement report) or all the other fees can be group together as a single transaction.

This will bring all the expenses in as Bills in QuickBooks. Click here to learn how to reconcile unpaid bills in QuickBooks. 

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