Displaying custom currency symbols on the packing slip

Unify Enterprise is currency agnostic and only deals with amounts. Although the Unify Enterprise screens show US ($), Unify Enterprise does not perform any currency conversions so if your store is running in AU or UK, you can use Unify Enterprise without any errors. What we do provide, is a way to display a specific currency symbol on your packing slip for your customers.  
When Unify Enterprise is connecting with QuickBooks for the first time, a currency to be displayed on the packing can be selected.  In the image shown below, GBP is selected.  Note: If you have already connected to your accounting software, all you need to do to make a currency settings is to go to Unify Enterprise and click on File >> Manage Stores>>Edit Connection. 

The image below shows what the currency symbol looks like on the packing slip.

This currency display feature is shows the following currency symbols on the packing slip:

  • USD-US Dollar ($)
  • ZAR- South African Rand (R)
  • CAD- Canadian Dollar ($)
  • AUD- Australian Dollar ($) 
  • GBP- British Pound (£) 

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