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How to setup and use Webgility Insurance in Unify Enterprise

Note : This help document uses Endicia as an example for screenshots. Your choice of shipping provider may have different screens, but the steps will remain the same. 

Setup Webgility Insurance as your default Insurance provider.

1. Go to the Shipping menu and click on Configure Shipping Providers.

2. Click on configure defaults.

3. Choose Webgility Insurance as the default insurance provider. The insurance selection option may be in a drop-down menu or a check mark box, depending on your choice of provider.  

Using Webgility Insurance 

Simply select a order. Once done, click on process shipping and choose your provider (if using more than one). 

Once in the process shipping screen, set a declared value and then click on Add Webgility Insurance. If you have not set it as a default, you will be given the option to Add Webgility Insurance for an amount that is based on your declared value. This declared value is usually the order total from the online store.

Since the insurance amount is directly based on the declared value, it will change with a change to the declared value. Thus, ensure you mention the amount which you wish to declare. This can be the order total, or a value of your choice. 

As soon as you click on Add Webgility Insurance, You will be given a brief prompt on the benefits of using Webgility Insurance. Click on close to continue to the process shipping screen.  Remember that if you want to use the economical and efficient Webgility Insurance as the default insurance provider for all future transactions, place a checkmark in the box as shown below before you hit close. 

Once you have made your selections, click on Generate Label to generate a label and create label and your insurance. 

How to void the Label and policy created:

To void the label and the policy, double click a shipped order in the eCC Dashboard to open up the order details page, and click on void. That would void the label and the policy. 


If for some reason the policy does not void, you will get a prompt with the policy details and the number for our partners InsureShip. Give them a call and mention your policy number and ask them to cancel it for you. The amount you paid for the policy would be adjusted for you in the next month's billing for Webgility.



How to view the Webgility Insurance report
To view a list of all policies you have created with Webgility insurance, simply go to Shipping  menu >> Webgility Insurance report. 

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