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Unify Enterprise Shipping with UPS Worldship

UPS WorldShip Notes: 


1. To connect Unify Enterprise to UPS WorldShip you should have "Daily Pickup" activated in your UPS account.

2. You Should have XML Auto-import feature enabled in your UPS WorldShip.

3. The recommended xml auto import folder location for UPS WorldShip XML is c:\upsxml. Please ensure that this folder location is exactly the same as is specified in Configure UPS WorldShip.


To be able to ship using UPS WorldShip software, ensure that UPS WorldShip is selected as an option in your store configuration. To access this configuration, please go to File >> Configure Store >>Shipping

Step 1: How To Select UPS Worldship As Your Shipping Processor In Unify Enterprise

Step 2: How to make default settings for using UPS Worldship with Unify Enterprise

Unify Enterprise communicates with WorldShip using the XML Auto-import feature. Please select the xml import folder as mentioned in the note in Unify Enterprise. 

Default settings to ship order:

To configure UPS WorldShip defaults please go to File > Configure Store > Shipping > Shipping Rules > UPS WorldShip > Configure.

Once you'll click on configure button you'll be provided with the option to set default settings for UPS WorldShip.

To configure UPS WorldShip XML settings, please go to Import/Export Data >>XML Auto Import.

Under the XML Auto Import Screen look for the XML Auto Import File Folder and herein put the same location as you had put into the Unify Enterprise Default Shipping Configurations. The recommended location is c:\upsxml ( Please note that you first have to create this folder in c:\ and then browse for it.

Step 3: How Do I Print A Shipping Label From UPS Worldship Using Unify Enterprise?

To ship using UPS WorldShip, first open the UPS WorldShip Software and start XML Auto Import by going to Import/Export Data >>XML Auto Import. Then click the start button. Once done, return to the Unify Enterprise Dashboard.

Start XML Auto Import by going to Import/Export Data >>XML Auto Import. Then click the start button. Once done, return to the Unify Enterprise Dashboard.

1) Select the order that you want to ship and click Process Shipping. This will open up the Shipping Module. The shipping charge and shipping method requested are also captured from the order.

2) If needed, the Ship to and Ship from addresses can also be edited from here. Click and make the necessary modifications, then click save.

3) On the right hand side, make sure that UPS WorldShip is the shipping processor.

4) Select your shipping parameters for the current shipment. Go to the options tab to set various options for the shipment. If you want to print a return label as well, select the 'Shipment Return Service' and choose the appropriate return service provider. Remember that if you have this option selected, at the time you are printing your label, you will be asked if you want to print both the shipment and return label or only the return label.

5) Once you have selected the options, Click Generate label in the process shipping window to create a label for UPS WorldShip.


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