Express1 & Unify Enterprise : Select as a shipping processor

The first step to be able to ship with Express 1 is to select it from the configure store shipping section.


Here is some information to remember when connecting Express 1 to Unify Enterprise: 


a. Initial Express 1 connections: if you don't have an account with Express 1 yet, you can create one during the connection process. 



b. For existing Express 1 accounts: if you are adding Express 1 to Unify Enterprise for the first time, you will have to create a new account with Express 1.  After the connection is complete you will need to contact the Express 1 directly to merge your old account into you new account: 

  • Call: 1.800.399.3971
  • Submit your company name
  • Postage amount to transfer and merge from the new to old account
  • Completed in 1-2 business days

c. Adding Express 1 to Multi-user Unify Enterprise: you will need to create a new account for your additional user.  Then contact Express 1 to merge the new account into the existing one, as shown above.


To connection and setup Express 1, simply enable it from File >> Configure Store >> Shipping.


1. To Enable Express 1, select it from the available options. Then go to the Express 1 tab and click on register.



As soon as you click register, a web browser will open up with the Express 1 registration page. An Express 1 credentials window will open in Unify Enterprise as well. Fill in all the details on the webpage and click on Submit Form.


3. If all goes okay, on clicking Submit Form, you will see a message on the page telling you that your account has been created. You may now return to the Unify Enterprise Express 1 credentials window. Remember not to close the browser window.

4. As soon as you return to the Unify Enterprise Express 1 Credentials Window, click on 'Get credentials'. Unify Enterprise will download the credentials from the Express 1 page you registered on.


5. Once the credentials are downloaded Unify Enterprise will tell you so and will allow you to fill in the other details on the Express 1 credentials window.You may now close the browser window that was opened for you for Express 1 Registration. 


6. As soon as the details are filled, click on 'Save' to save the details and then on 'Close' to return to the Unify Enterprise Configure Shipping Screen


7. You will now see am 'Account Information' button next to Express 1 in place of the 'Register' that was originally there.


Next Steps :

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