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Connect Unify Enterprise to Ubercart

Note : Please ensure that the following modules are enabled in Ubercart before proceeding:

  1. Taxonomy
  2. Payment
  3.  Shipping Quotes
  4. Taxes
  5. Order
  6.  Credit Card



After you have installed the Webgility Store Module as an extension, launch the Unify Enterprise software. 


Step 1: Enter store Name, select Ubercart from the drop-down menu, enter your store web address and click on Continue.


Step 2 : Now Unify Enterprise will ask for your Store admin login and Password. If you have your API details, enter them and click on Connect to Store.



How to get credentials for Ubercart :


1. Login to your Ubercart Store admin area.


Uber Cart (1)


2. Select the ‘Modules’ tab and click on ‘Install new module’


Uber Cart (2)


3. Go to ‘Upload a module’ and click on 'Choose File‘. Now, select the zip file that you had downloaded earlier and click on 'Install‘.


Uber Cart (3)


4. Enter your FTP Connection details and click on ‘Continue’ button. Note: If you do not know these FTP details, please contact your system administrator or hosting company.


Uber Cart (4)


5. Once the module gets installed, click on the link ‘Enable newly added modules’ to enable the Webgility store module.


Uber Cart (5)


6. You would now see the list of installed modules. Scroll down the page to find ‘Webgility store module and select the check box. Click on ‘Save configuration’ button to save the changes.


Uber Cart (6)


7. Now Select Webgility (v**) in the menu bar on top, copy the “Webgility Store Module URL” and paste it into the next screen in Unify Enterprise to connect your store.


Uber Cart (7)


Once the module is installed and you have put in the module URL, put in the admin details to the store and click 'connect to store'. Upon successful connection, Unify Enterprise would begin downloading data and settings from the online store.

Step 3 : Enter the Store Details.


Next Steps :

  1. Connect to your accounting software. 
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