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Connect Unify Enterprise to Livecart

Note : This process may require you to enter your FTP information. Please keep the same ready. FTP information can be obtained from your System Administrator or your hosting company.

Step 1: Enter store Name, select Livecart from the drop down menu and enter your store web address. 

** If the Webgility Store Module has already been installed move to step 2. Else follow the following steps.

Step 1(a): Enter the server details or FTP credential which is provided by “System Administrator or your hosting company”. Click connect to store.

Step 1(b): Select the modue folder to install Livecart. Click “Install webgility store module”.

Step 2 : Once the module is installed, the screen below would come up where your Webgility Store module URL will be pre-filled. Enter store admin Credential and Click on Connect to Store.

  Step 3 : Enter the Store Details.

Next Steps :

  1. Connect to your accounting software. 
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