1b. Bring in orders using a CSV file

Step 1 : Go to the Orders menu and click on the Import Orders option.

Step 2 : A new Import Orders window will open. Click on Next.

Step 3 : Now browse for and select the file to import, Click on Next.

Step 4 : You will now need to map the fields. This basically means that you are taking the required names. on the right field name column, and telling Unify Enterprise, on the left, what the corresponding fields in your imported file are. Items in bold are required items. Once done, click next. 

Step 5 : Select the orders you want to import in Unify Enterprise. Then select if you want to use Unify Enterprise to process payment or mark as already paid. Also select if you want to use Unify Enterprise to process shipping or mark as already shipped. Then click on the Import orders button. You can also change the settings later, by clicking on Change Settings button. The change settings button also allows you to change the mappings you made step 4 above. 

Once orders are imported, they will be in the Unify Enterprise order inbox. 


 Next Steps :

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