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Connect Unify Enterprise Edition to Netsuite

Notes :

1. When connecting Unify Enterprise to Netsuite for the first time, the user has to be registered with the Netsuite and the user has Account id, Admin user id and password with admin privilege.  Click here to learn more about user permissions. 

2. When selecting your Netsuite version, Enter the Account ID, Admin Email and Password. Remember this user has to be the main admin user.

3. In Netsuite all the transactions are based on Subsidiary.


A Netsuite OneWorld account enables us to manage data in a hierarchical structure of separate legal entities, or subsidiaries. This structure is organized as a tree that rolls up to a root, or top-level parent, subsidiary. The root subsidiary is the highest-level subsidiary in our account, and all other subsidiaries are below it in the hierarchy. If an account that is upgraded to 'OneWorld' has preexisting data, this data is used for the root subsidiary.



Each subsidiary represents a separate company within our global organization. Subsidiaries can be international or domestic. When we create a subsidiary record in Netsuite, the country we define for its address determines the Netsuite edition and tax nexus associated with that subsidiary.

Steps for connecting Unify Enterprise to Netsuite

Step 1: Netsuite version: Select your Netsuite Version from the drop down menu as shown in the below picture :

 Step 2: Now enter your Netsuite 'Account Id', 'Admin Email' and 'Password '.

In case you don't have Netsuite account ID, visit the Netsuite website and follow the onscreen instructions:


Locating the Account ID

Step A: Login to your NetSuite account as the admin user. 



Step B: While on the home screen, select Setup->Integration->Web Service Preferences 


Step C: In the Web service preferences area the account ID is displayed.  Copy the Account ID and paste it into the Netsuite connection area in Unify Enterprise. 


 Step 3: Enter the Account ID into Unify Enterprise and click on Connect to Netsuite

Important: The Admin email should be the main admin user's email with full permissions in NetSuite.  Click here to learn more about user permissions. 

If you have a subsidiary in Netsuite, a dropdown will automatically appear in this area so it can be selected. 

The connection to Unify Enterprise to Netsuite will take about 10 - 20 min depending on how much data is currently in your Netsuite company.   


Step 4: Once the data has downloaded click continue to proceed to quick setup of the order processing settings.


Note: If you need to adjust your NetSuite connection settings after you have added your store, while on the dashboard select File->Manage stores, then click Edit Connection to access the NetSuite connection settings. 


Order processing settings

This area sets up basic settings for:  

  • How orders are downloaded from the online store into Unify Enterprise based on order status
  • Product identification in the online store and Netsuite
  • How shipping is handled
  • Offline payments and payment processors
  • Downloading orders

Note: If you need to setup more detailed settings for the Netsuite integration, you can proceed to the configuration after the connection process is completed. 

Once you are done, click continue to proceed to the final screen. 


Step 5: Creating your store profile 


You can either proceed to the dashboard and Unify Enterprise will download your most recent orders or go to the store configuration to setup more detailed settings. 


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