1c. Viewing order details in Unify Enterprise.

To view the order details for a particular order, click the view button next to the order in the inbox. 


This will open up the order details screen that shows you see details of the item ordered and who ordered it along with the order history. You can also use this screen to see the payment and shipment information that's brought in from the online store. If you need to edit something, do it here and then click the save button at the bottom of the same screen. 


On the top right of this screen, you will find the icons palette. On this palette, use the refresh icon to delete and re-download the order(With updates if any) from the online store. You can also use the cancel order icon to cancel the order within the Unify Enterprise software and in the online store(Learn more about cancellations and refunds here). The delete order icon will delete the order for you (within Unify Enterprise only) and the printer icon, will print a packing slip for that order. 

If You happen to use Unify Enterprise for shipping (Premium plans and above), then the shipping and tracking information will be put in the shipping area for easy access. You can also void a label you created from here. 

When you post the order to your accounting software, the Sales Receipt / Sales Order / Invoice / Estimate number comes into the area designated for the accounting software. You can click the view button to view your accounting document (Not supported in POS) or else use the number of your accounting document to look it up in the accounting software. 

Also on the order details screen, you have the customer tab that that gives you complete information of the customer who has placed the order.

Next to the customer's tab, you will find the purchase orders tab. Remember, this tab only appears if you have purchase orders configured and if the order has been posted to your accounting software already. Click here to learn about setting up purchase orders. 

Last but not the least, you have the history tab. This tab contains the order history box, which in turn contains a list of every action that you have taken using Unify Enterprise on the order in question. It also contains an area for customer comments left on the website (brought in with the order) and also contains an area for comments / notes in your accounting software. You also have in the same screen, the Unify Enterprise order notes section. These are notes that you would leave for other users (of Unify Enterprise to see). These notes are invisible to the customer and are only meant for users of the Unify Enterprise software in your company. 


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