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How Unify Enterprise calculates taxes in QuickBooks using Avalara AvaTax

Before you use Avalara AvaTax with Unify Enterprise you should have already:

Once these have been completed, you can being to use Avalara AvaTax to calculate taxes in QuickBooks.  

Before you post to QuickBooks: 

Double click on an order in Unify Enterprise to view the order details. 

1) Tax: the taxes calculated in the online store during the purchase process.  

2) Avalara Taxes: before an order is posted to QuickBooks, there is no tax calculation yet.  This area is dynamically updated once Avalara AvaTax calculates taxes in QuickBooks during the post to QuickBooks process.  

Tip: An order should be in the state which it is ready to be posted to QuickBooks so that Avalara AvaTax calculates the taxes at the correct time.  

Using Avalara AvaTax to calculate taxes in QuickBooks

Step 1: Post the order to QuickBooks using Unify Enterprise (either in the Inbox for multiple orders) or within the order details screen).  

Step 2: Once order has been successfully posted into QuickBooks, Avalara AvaTax will have calculated the correct taxation by verifying the address on the order.  

Avalara Taxes have been dynamically added to the order details area in Unify Enterprise.  

In QuickBooks

1) The calculated tax is displayed in the line item on the transaction

2) Store Tax Adjustments
If the taxation rate in your online store is calculating taxes at a rate that doesn't match what Avalara AvaTax calculate, this will create a discrepancy (either over or under the tax calculation). The discrepancy and amount will be recorded  as a "Store Tax adjustment" item and amount and reason will show within the description area of the transaction.  The discrepancy will adjust the total of the transaction in QuickBooks.  

If you can discrepancies caused by an incorrect calculation of tax in your online store, you should modify the tax percentage in your online.  

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